Shuttle Schedule


CSM Taster

For this category, transportation by free shuttle is necessary to get you from your dormitory (Château Montebello or École Papineauville) to the start of the last section of each day.


The Tourer category is flexible – departure can be done as you wish according to the schedule of the free shuttles and the sections you wish to cover.


Please note that the shuttle service is not made to skip any section(s). In theory it is possible to do so, but the CSM assumes no responsibility. It would be a long journey that would involve bus transfers.

Half marathon

All half-marathon skiers must take the same free shuttle from their dormitory (Château Montebello or École Papineauville). This shuttle will transport all half-marathoners to the starting point at the same time. As soon as they arrive, they can start skiing.

Coureur des Bois

The only transportation needed for this category is from the dormitory (Château Montebello, École Papineauville, or Gold Dorm in Mont-Tremblant) to the starting line and for the Silver and Bronze categories at the end of each day to return to their dormitory.

For each category, it is important to consult the schedule of the free shuttles in order to know the exact departure time of these depending on the location.