The Canadian Endurance Award

The Canadian Endurance Award can be earned by meeting one challenging standard in each of the three categories below:

Category 1: Cross-Country Skiing

Complete the Canadian Ski Marathon as a Coureur des Bois ( Bronze, Silver, Gold; 160 kms)

Category 2: Running

Complete a marathon event (42.2km)

Category 3: Cycling/Triathlon

Complete an Iron distance triathlon (Ironman, Canadian 226, Esprit, etc.)


Complete two imperial century cycling events (2x165km, not necessarily on consecutive days)


Complete one tour/randonnée event of at least 300km over two consecutive days (Rideau Lakes Cycling Tour, etc.)

The event(s) from each three categories must be completed within any 12 month period:

Additional information:

The Canadian Endurance Award: Promoting year round athleticism and endurance accomplishments.