CSM Partners

The CSM cannot take place without the support of many partners.
Our thanks to every business, person and organization that supports us!

Our Partners

Business Partners

Dear CSM Landowners:

In the name of the CSM skiers and board of directors let us say how we truly appreciate the opportunity to cross-country ski on your land.

Taking in the beauty of your acreage on a crisp winter day would be enough to make any nature lover’s year, but the added experience of a successful 2-day, 160 kilometer completion of the historic Canadian Ski Marathon ski trail has made our skier’s time on your land that much more special. Many choose to ski a section or two, and the because you make your property available to them, they can share the weekend with loved ones while enjoying our special winters with amazing scenery.

Please do not hesitate to let us know of a good time to come visit with you and your family; we would love to invite you to participate in our historic event this coming year.

See you soon and again Thank You!

The Board of Directors



Our wonderful volunteers keep the event going during the CSM event and all year. A huge “Thank you!” to each and every one of them!

Ski at School

Ski at School is a not-for-profit partner of the CSM.  Their Mission is to maximize the opportunities for all young people to learn and have fun cross-country skiing, at first on school premises during school hours, then as part of their regular recreational activities. What’s crucial for Ski at School is that EVERYONE has the same opportunity to soak up the benefits of outdoor activity, no matter where you come from!