2024 Special Awards

Gold Legend

9287Yves GirardGatineau, Quebec61
520David WurteleLac-Delage, Quebec57
514Simon GrocottToronto, Ontario56
584Julie DagenaisOttawa, Ontario56
538Luc FrechetteRockland, Ontario55
593Hugo LepineMontréal, Quebec52
602Drummond LawsonMontreal, Quebec42
551Hannah KirbyMontreal, Quebec31
535Christophe WauthyRichelieu, Quebec23

Platinum Legend

378Eric BetteridgeOttawa, Ontario62
345Marketa GrahamOttawa, Ontario59
180Michael CooperOttawa, Ontario52
362Etienne PortelanceDorval, Quebec51
387Mary ThompsonGatineau, Quebec36

Double Platinum Legend

9271Pierre L’HeureuxLac-Supérieur, Quebec66
206Claude DalcourtChicoutimi, Quebec40

Triple Platinum Legend

112Real PerriardOttawa, Ontario63





Any Tourer who skis a total of 50 sections over any number of years – beginning in 1996 – earns a Weber Award, which includes a permanent bib number that will be worn on a special pink coloured bib. This award is designed to take a strong Tourer at least 7 years, similar to the number of years required by a Coureur des Bois.
The award is named after Hans and Meg Weber who have skied the CSM since its debut.

Please contact the CSM office if you have reached the required 50 sections to be assigned your Pink Permanent Bib number.

Youngest Girl to earn an award

5001Béatrice Beauchamp St-DenisSt-André-Avellin, Quebec6

Youngest Boy to earn an award

5020Findlay James Orourke ThroopChelsea, Quebec5

Oldest Female to earn an award

2113Mary MuseElmira, New York70

Oldest Male to earn an award

9075Alexander VologodskiiNew York, New York76

Hugh Blanchford Memorial Award

Oldest Female to complete Coureur des Bois

132Christiane RousseauMont-Saint-Grégoire, Quebec69

Hugh Blanchford Memorial Award

Oldest Male to complete Coureur des Bois

1528Robert WadeAspen, Colorado73

65 years of age or older
skied 4 or more sections

156James MeierNew York, New York79
2007Susan GwynNorth Hatley, Quebec79
9075Alexander VologodskiiNew York, New York76
2058Pierre BonneauKeene, New Hampshire76
85John SkopekSyracuse, New York74
6016Peter GrantOttawa, Ontario74
1528Robert WadeAspen, Colorado73
5032Michael SchultzActon, Ontario73
237Francois DuvalL’Assomption, Quebec72
178Gilles WhearMont-Laurier, Quebec71
9117Steve NewVictoria, British Columbia71
3007Steven LarmonKeene, New Hampshire71
2113Mary MuseElmira, New York70
238Marvin BoluytAnn Arbor, Michigan70
2228Sylvain BouchardGatineau, Quebec70
7Marcel MarionSt-Félix de Valois, Quebec69
132Christiane RousseauMont-Saint-Grégoire, Quebec69
3003Jerome McDougleWalpole, New Hampshire69
2060David LaCosteKeene, New Hampshire69
2019Andrew PlankMontreal, Quebec68
166Parham MomtahanOttawa, Ontario67
2207Barbara LewisSte. Agathe des Monts, Quebec67
9184Kathy MomtahanOttawa, Ontario67
2232Mary Ruth WadeAspen, Colorado67
3004Steven HortonWalpole, New Hampshire67
414Harris KirbyOttawa, Ontario66
1028Scott MorganWestmount, Quebec66
291Gilles CloutierGatineau, Quebec66
38Luc FarmerNotre-Dame-de-la-Merci, Quebec66
9271Pierre L’HeureuxLac-Supérieur, Quebec66
2276Martine SchwabGranby, Quebec66
9011France CôtéLac-Beauport, Quebec66
1545Paul PierceOgdensburg, New York66
1502Dave RossHuntsville, Ontario65
2103Lori BairdWestmount, Quebec65
2203Stephen CaterScarborough, Ontario65
6045Lynn MorganOttawa, Ontario65
9289Frederick MeyersonKingston, Rhode Island65
1546Susan PierceOgdensburg, New York65
77Vincent BarretteChelsea, Quebec65