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The Canadian Ski Marathon is very pleased to promote an expanded partnership with cross-country ski clubs and resorts across Canada and the United States. We want to inspire people to ski in many different places with good-quality slopes.

We’ve partnered with many ski clubs across North America to bring the CSM legend everywhere. This e-booklet will show skiers how to find CSM-associated trail networks in various regions. Each ski club or trail network has designated one or more trails as its “CSM training trail”. Of course, you can choose to ski anywhere, but the intention is to showcase the best trails and allow skiers to get the most out of their visits.

In most cases, you will find CSM signs or obvious information at the trailheads. When you visit a club, let them know that you are an CSM participant looking forward to exploring their trails! Check out the CSM Awards page to recognize skiers who visit many of these practice runs.

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We hope you will discover new ski areas and contribute to the history of the CSM!