2023 Special Awards

Gold Legend

501Morris ManolsonToronto, Ontario63
503Becca CarrollOttawa, Ontario49
505Ian WaughOttawa, Ontario47
593Mark IsselhardtWolcott, Vermont46
533Frederic DallaireVal-David, Quebec35
579Zacharie TurgeonVille de Québec, Quebec27
553Olivier LapointeGatineau, Quebec25
9019Aidan RaynorBeaconsfield, Quebec19

Platinum Legend

376Paul UkrainetzPointe Claire, Quebec58
348Megan MacDonaldOttawa, Ontario39
370Ruth McGovernStowe, Vermont33

Double Platinum Legend


Triple Platinum Legend








Any Tourer who skis a total of 50 sections over any number of years – beginning in 1996 – earns a Weber Award, which includes a permanent bib number that will be worn on a special pink coloured bib. This award is designed to take a strong Tourer at least 7 years, similar to the number of years required by a Coureur des Bois.
The award is named after Hans and Meg Weber who have skied the CSM since its debut.

Please contact the CSM office if you have reached the required 50 sections to be assigned your Pink Permanent Bib number.

Youngest Girl to earn an award

9340Kalinda ErvenOttawa, Ontario3

Youngest Boy to earn an award

1551Félix DionOttawa, Ontario7
5049Zephyr Mills Throop-HaleChelsea, Quebec7

Oldest Female to earn an award

2113Mary MuseElmira, New York69

Oldest Male to earn an award


Hugh Blanchford Memorial Award

Oldest Female to complete Coureur des Bois

132Christiane RousseauMont-Saint-Grégoire, Quebec68

Hugh Blanchford Memorial Award

Oldest Male to complete Coureur des Bois

16Brian GillMorin-Heights, Quebec78

65 years of age or older skied 4 or more sections

2105John BlachfordMontreal, Quebec85
16Brian GillMorin-Heights, Quebec78
158Stephen WalterOakville, Ontario75
9110Alexander VologodskiiNew York, New York75
9098Gary RennieTecumseh, Ontario73
1513Jonas BarterAlmonte, Ontario73
2042Linda HainesNorthfield, New Hampshire72
2040Paul GrossNorwich, Vermont71
1521Gilles WhearMont-Laurier, Quebec70
528Tomoko MurakamiAnn Arbor, Michigan70
256Alain GiguereLaval, Quebec70
238Marvin BoluytAnn Arbor, Michigan69
2113Mary MuseElmira, New York69
9178Gilles SaulnierMorin-Heights, Quebec69
132Christiane RousseauMont-Saint-Grégoire, Quebec68
315Scott McGovernPeterborough, New Hampshire68
4000Edith ForbesNorwich, Vermont68
2060David LaCosteKeene, New Hampshire68
2070Elaine MaheuLaval, Quebec67
2019Andrew PlankMontreal, Quebec67
6008Peggy BrownPeterborough, New Hampshire67
9180Kathryn KnowlesWinnipeg, Manitoba67
9038Daniel BoudreauSt-Côme, Quebec66
434David SherrardOttawa, Ontario66
166Parham MomtahanOttawa, Ontario66
2209Denis BouchardDolbeau-Mistassini, Quebec66
1581Greg CooperBancroft, Ontario66
2050Greg WoosterIthaca, New York66
1511Karin TilbergSalsbury Cove, Maine66
2231Barbara LewisSte. Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec66
1537France CôtéLac-Beauport, Quebec65
291Gilles CloutierGatineau, Quebec65
414Harris KirbyOttawa, Ontario65
38Luc FarmerNotre Dame de la Merci, Quebec65
240Pierre LheureuxMontreal, Quebec65
1042Scott MorganWestmount, Quebec65
228John HoggPort Sydney, Ontario65
590Daniel LocasChelsea, Quebec65
2237Paul PierceOgdensburg, New York65
9154Sharon BravermanMontreal, Quebec65
9032Sherri AudetOttawa, Ontario65
9186Cecilia MalinskiMontréal-Ouest, Quebec65
2233Michel DubéDrummondville, Quebec65
3008Martine SchwabGranby, Quebec65