Be a CSM Good Samaritan

The Canadian Ski Marathon takes place once a year over gorgeous pristine terrain. With 10 sections over 160 kilometer, the ski marathon presents unique challenges for which the CSM has developed a comprehensive safety and security system.

Each checkpoint has a complete first aid station. A support network of snowmobiles and sleds with trained personnel at the stations and across the trail system. We have an organized sweep system to ensure no one is left on trail. We also provide coordination with 911 in the event of an emergency or serious accident. A core component of safety each year is the Good Samaritan program.

When you ski the Canadian Ski Marathon you are a potential Good Samaritan where every skier looks out for each other. The CSM is not a race. It’s a weekend of fun, family, and friends. Anyone who has been part of the CSM, will tell you there is nothing like it. As with any great adventure though, there is the possibility of accident or injury..
If you come across someone who is injured or in distress on the trail, you should be a Good Samaritan. Here is what you do.

Communicate with the skier in distress to learn what the injury is in order for you to be of appropriate assistance….as an example, severe pain in the left knee or difficulty breathing… Generally injured skiers should not be moved but as a Good Samaritan there is lots you can do.. If available, and it does not compromise your health and safety you can keep the injured skier warm and comfortable by offering insulation such as spare clothing or a sleeping bag.

If you have a cell phone with a signal, call the CSM emergency number at 1 877 601 9247 (that number is on every skier’s bib by the way) to communicate the information responders need to locate the injured skier… Where are you in terms of kilometer marks on the trail, If you have GPS access please provide your coordinates… give the name and bib number of the injured skier, their injury as best you can describe it and the severity of the injury. If you need immediate assistance BUT cannot reach the CSM emergency number THEN call 911. If you don’t have access to a cellular network ask the next available skier to communicate this information with their phone as soon as they can or personally at the next available checkpoint or army or road crossing checkpoint. Time is always of the essence in these situations. Stay with the skier in distress until CSM safety units arrive or the skier decides to carry on. If you have medical or first aid training you should provide comfort and aid appropriate to your level of expertise.

If you assist a stressed or injured skier, ask for their Good Samaritan card or if this is not possible note their bib number and report to a CSM official at the next available checkpoint. The CSM will make every effort to ensure that you are credited fairly. As an example if you lost 45 minutes and you miss the checkpoint cut off time, you will be credited for this section or transported to the next section if possible.

The value of help provided by Good Samaritans to the CSM is inestimable but of course the best help is … not requiring help at all! Always ski with your safety and other’s safety in mind. If a section looks difficult, walk the side of the trail. If you are tired, rest and fuel up. It’s a long ski so pace well and plan right!