Virtual CSM English info web sessions – February 3rd


Want to know more about the virtual CSM?

How it will work?
Skiing safely?
Tips for new participants.

Join us to talk vCSM 2022 at our 1 hr Zoom webinars on January 20th and February 3. Real Perriard (Chairman of the Board of Directors), Sylvain Parent (Vice President), Chris Teron (Board member) and Frédéric Ménard (Event Director) will host the live 1-hr video session.

We’ll talk training, logistics of how to succeed the event for Coureur des Bois, Half Marathoners, and Tourers. We can talk nutrition and hydration strategies and also cover how to record your fun outing. Will include how to submit your results. Any Do’s and Don’ts that are particular to this year?

Any questions you might have will be addressed, or we’ll get an answer ASAP for you! Only doughnuts and coffee will not be provided! We hope you join us for an hour of nothing but ski talk!

English session #2
Thursday February 3, 2022 06:30 PM to 07:30 PM