2018 Special Awards


398Paul UkrainetzPointe-Claire, Quebec53
488Gabriel HourtouatOakville, Ontario50
451Stephan MeyerChelsea, Quebec42
433Douglas ConoverMontreal West, Quebec25


290Scott GilbertWhitehorse, Yukon62
311Kato LoneMontréal, Quebec58
292Russ ConeWatertown, Massachusetts50
305Pierre BeauregardGranby, Quebec46
526Victoria McMillanShaker Heights, Ohio45

Double Platinum

118Jerry WhearMont-Laurier, Quebec58
138Scott GillBeaconsfield, Quebec35

Triple Platinum




1567Alex CullenOttawa, Ontario67
2348David McDonaldVaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec67
2155Will GreggMilton, Massachusetts51

Any Tourer who skis a total of 50 sections over any number of years – beginning in 1996 – earns a Weber Award, which includes a permanent bib number that will be worn on a special pink coloured bib. This award is designed to take a strong Tourer at least 7 years, similar to the number of years required by a Coureur des Bois.
The award is named after Hans and Meg Weber who have skied the CSM since its debut.

Please contact the CSM office if you have reached the required 50 sections to be assigned your Pink Permanent Bib number.

2016 Canadian Endurance Award

NameCSM CdB LevelEvent 2Event 3
Simon BoiesBronzeIRONMAN Mont-Tremblant IRONMAN Cozumel
Dominic St-OngeBronzeIRONMAN - Mont TremblantThe Gatineau Park Marathon
Brian GoodwillGold Bar / Barre OrRideau Lakes Cycle TourGatineau Park Marathon
Artur StecGold Bar / Barre OrIRONMAN -TexasOttawa Marathon
Pierre BeauregardGold Bar / Barre OrLake Placid IronmanDéfi de l'île de Montréal
Jim EverardGold Bar / Barre OrRideau Lakes Cycle Tour King of the Mountain 50K

Youngest Girl to earn an award

2615Nellie GreenChelsea, Quebec6

Youngest Boy to earn an award

2336Liam CoulombeChelsea, Quebec6

Oldest Female to earn an award

2655Lorraine Dufort St-DenisGrenville-sur-la-Rouge, Quebec69

Oldest Male to earn an award

2708Gilles RoussilSte-Anne-Des-Plaines, Quebec74

Hugh Blanchford Memorial Award
Oldest Female to complete Coureur des Bois

132Christiane RousseauMont-St-Grégoire, Quebec63

Hugh Blanchford Memorial Award
Oldest Male to complete Coureur des Bois

59Jean MorissetThetford-Mines, Quebec71

Silver Tip
65 years of age or older
skied 4 or more sections

2030Henry AndresLachute, Quebec76
4003David NewburyEast Thetford, Vermont75
2708Gilles RoussilSte-Anne-Des-Plaines, Quebec74
1651Don HetheringtonMontreal, Quebec73
156James MeierNew York, New York73
49Rosaire CormierGatineau, Quebec73
3054Peter JohnsonMontreal, Quebec73
1040Fletcher ThomsonOttawa, Ontario72
2125Joseph KonevalLebanon, New Jersey72
2023Elizabeth O'ConnorWestmount, Quebec75
2368Peter MagerWaltham, Massachusetts72
59Jean MorissetThetford-Mines, Quebec71
10Steve PatersonBeaconsfield, Quebec71
2025Gail TedstoneMontreal, Quebec74
29Pierre PinardL'Orignal, Ontario71
2674Gary FoxMorin Heights, Quebec71
3019Chris Edgellile bizard, Quebec71
2656Francois St-DenisGrenville-sur-la Rouge, Quebec71
1736Alexander VologodskiiNew York, New York70
158Stephen WalterOakville, Ontario70
1037Morley ThomsonOttawa, Ontario70
1069Douglas MacIntoshPeterborough, Ontario70
2658Roger St-DenisRipon, Quebec70
2061Richard ErenstoneLake Placid, New York70
2579Miklos FulopMontréal, Quebec70
2304Blair MackenzieLakefield, Ontario70
169Barry StemshornGatineau, Quebec70
26Paul JuniquePrévost, Quebec69
2567Miro BalcarMontréal, Quebec69
2584Charles TourignyLongueuil, Quebec69
2035Nicolette GirodChénéville, Quebec71
1690David LowtherPointe-Claire, Quebec68
1723James RichardsCavan, Ontario68
1508Richard MandahlSALT LAKE CITY, Utah68
2152Bruce CalhounWinchester, Ontario68
2043Jack VanDerzeeTrumansburg, New York68
2369Michele ChabotWaltham, Massachusetts70
1698Malcolm HunterCanmore, Alberta67
2655Lorraine Dufort St-DenisGrenville-sur-la-Rouge, Quebec69
1567Alex CullenOttawa, Ontario67
2722Kadri BlanchardMontreal, Quebec69
85John SkopekDeWitt, New York67
2065Lawrence NiceManchester, New Hampshire67
9000James JacksonMorin Heights, Quebec67
1013Alain RousselMont-Tremblant, Quebec67
2348David McDonaldVaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec67
1717Jack GauthierSainte Adele, Quebec66
3041William BeckettPointe Claire, Quebec66
2040Paul GrossEast Thetford, Vermont66
23Jean-Louis DoregoGatineau, Quebec66
73Don PopadickOttawa, Ontario66
39Dena GillMorin-Heights, Quebec68
2629Liz MarshallEtna, New Hampshire67
407Daniel Mallorybarrie, Ontario66
1700Martin Steinruckkelwona, British Columbia65
178Gilles WhearMont-Laurier, Quebec65
221Kenneth JobbaAncaster, Ontario65
6111Alain GiguèreLaval, Quebec65
2090Denise ErenstoneLake Placid, New York67
2136Mariana KelemenMontreal, Quebec67
9066Don EbyOwen Sound, Ontario65
2042Linda HainesNorthfield, New Hampshire67
2031Hilary ThomsonConcord, New Hampshire66
2094Susan BartlettWarner, New Hampshire66
2062Nancy Joan MurrayAlton, New Hampshire66
4007Ruth SylvesterEast Thetford, Vermont65
2259Erica LehmannRigaud, Quebec65