Official Training Trails Passport

Message from the CSM Board

The Canadian Ski Marathon is very excited to promote its expanded partnership with ski clubs across Canada and the USA. Our main objective is to motivate and inspire participation in winter activities for everyone. The last two winters with Covid have demonstrated that being active in the outdoors is a boon to one’s physical and mental health. We have created partnerships with many ski clubs across North America to take the CSM legend everywhere. This ebook will show skiers how to find trail networks that are associated with the CSM in a variety of regions. Each ski club or trail network has designated a trail(s) as a “CSM Training Trail”. Of course, you can choose to ski anywhere but the intent is to showcase the best trails and allow skiers to make the most of their visits. In most cases you will find obvious trail markers or information at trailheads. If you visit an “out of town” club, let them know you are a keen crosscountry skier and a CSM participant who is excited to explore their trails! Check out the page about CSM awards to recognize skiers who visit many of these training trails. We hope you discover new skiing areas and that you bring the CSM story to other neighborhoods. Ski often, be safe and enjoy yourselves gliding along on fresh snow.


Ski at 10 different Official Training Trails and earn Bronze
Ski at 15 different Official Training Trails and earn Silver
Ski at 20 different Official Training Trails and earn Gold

To earn recognition:
Visit a ski centre and purchase a day pass if required. Tell them that you are a CSM skier
and are visiting their training trail.
Ski part or all of their training trail. If it is long, you don’t need to ski it all.
Record the date and distance on the appropriate page in this book.
Consider taking a photo of you that shows you are at that centre. Consider wearing CSM
When you have visited the required number of centres, submit an email to telling us the locations, dates, and distances skied. We would love
to see your photos. There will be a registration fee for the award.
We will mail you the award.