Michel Leblanc, Honorary Co-President


Michel LeBlanc Honorary Co-President of the 2020 CSM
(Permanent bib # 110, 22 gold bars completed)

Michel LeBlanc is a native of Murdochville in the Gaspé Peninsula and spent his entire childhood up to the age of majority in New Richmond, Baie-des-Chaleurs, Gaspésie. He continued his studies at Cégep de Gaspé and completed his bachelor’s degree in physical education at the Université de Sherbrooke in 1987.

Throughout high school, downhill skiing was his main sport as well as running and river canoe racing. He started cross-country skiing around the age of 14-15 in the fields behind his home on a very casual basis and practiced in a more committed way at university. During his university studies, he took part in some regional races in cross-country skiing and began to practice mountain biking.

Being at the forefront of his father’s (Hervé, the other Honorary Co-President) many participations in the Canadian Ski Marathon, it gave him the sting and he decided to accompany him to take up the challenge.

It was in 1993 that he completed, in his first participation, his bronze Coureur de Bois. His visits to the Marathon have become over the years a “must”, missing only 3 editions: once when he achieved the Canadian Ski Marathon by covering the total distance of 160 km non-stop in 20 hours with 3 friends, including Pierre Harvey (2008), and twice for his work with the Canadian Olympic Committee for the Olympic Games Vancouver (2009 and 2010). Michel has completed the 40th edition of the Marathon in a rather original way. He wore a vintage costume, woolen vest, knee-length corduroy breeches and knee-length woolen stockings, as well as wooden skis, leather boots and bamboo poles.

“For me, the Canadian Ski Marathon is a happening that I just cannot miss. It’s like a drug. Of all the sporting events that I realize in a year, it’s the one I love the most. Friends, open spaces, the trail, skiers, nothing can recreate this friendly sports atmosphere. No stopwatch, we, the trail and our skis, that’s all! “

Michel is the father of two boys aged 9 and 11 with his wife Isabelle. He is currently working at Cégep de Sainte-Foy as a teacher in physical education. He has also worked as a coach for the Quebec team and the national mountain bike team. This brought him to the Athens Olympics (2004). He joined the Canadian Olympic Committee and was active at the Beijing (2008), Vancouver (2010) and London (2012) games. In addition to participating in the Canadian Ski Marathon, Michel is still active in several cross-country ski races in winter as well as mountain bike riding in the summer. He took part in the world championship of mountain bike masters in cross-country in July 2019 at Mont Ste-Anne. In addition, last September he completed a 360-km mountain bike race in 40 hours (La Marji Gesick, Michigan). Only 13 out of 30 runners completed the event.

Michel will take part in the 2020 Marathon as a gold bar CdB for the 23rd time. His wife and two children and his father will complete a few steps each day. It is therefore an invitation to the whole family to come and ski with us. Good preparation, good winter and good skiing !