CdB Platinum Description

The Coureur de Bois Gold category of the Canadian Ski Marathon is the ultimate Nordic skiing endurance challenge. It begins even before the sun rises on a mid-winter morning in February. Those taking on the challenge carry anywhere from 7 to 12kg (15 to 25 lbs.) on their backs as they begin the long day of covering 80 kilometers through the Laurention mountains. There is also a time limit that must be achieved in order to begin the 5th and final section of the day.

Upon completing the first day, they are now faced with an overnight stay under the stars in the middle of a cold Canadian winter, where temperatures normally reach -18 oC (0 oF). Having refueled and rested the challenge continues when they pack up, and attack the second day of skiing. Like the day before they are challenged to complete the 80 kilometers, with sections ranging from long pasture runs, grueling uphill climbs, and some very challenging down hills.

For those who successfully complete the CdB Gold for the first time, the feeling is complete joy, along with a drained body and mind. But the question then enters, was this an ‘easy’ year, could I do it again? The challenge calls, and they return. Now their sights are set on earning four “gold bars” and owning a coveted permanent bib.

And for many, once this goal has been achieved – the Canadian Ski Marathon Coureur d Bois Gold category has become part of them – and they are a part of the Legend!
We at the CSM want to recognize their achievement and support of the event with the introduction of the:

Canadian Ski Marathon Coureur des Bois Platinum Award.

Check out the page with the list of the Coureur des Bois Legends

To obtain the Coureur de Bois Platinum Award you must earn the following number of Gold awards:

CdB Gold Awards
Platinum Award
10 Platinum
20 Double Platinum
30 Triple Platinum